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Mellem os/Between us - Voice by actress Asta Kamma August. Text by Olga Benedicte

Mellem os, 2018  /   Between us, 2018

Installation 7.55 min.

Binaural sound recording(make use of headphones), polystyren XPS, memory-foam, velour, light aqua coloured curtain.

The work 'Between us' is a work related to the autonomy and sensuality of the body. The work questions how humans find peace and presence through the body. Can our body help us to achieve a more pure sensual presence through meditative states? The installation ‘Between Us’ invents an immersive and inclusive universe between the body and our sensory apparatus. Our experiences always have a bodily foundation and anchoring that connects our inner life to the outside and operates somewhere between the physical and the mental.

The installation invites the viewer to sink into the sculpture’s embracing ‘memory foam’, which creates a physical imprint of the body’s direct presence. The audio side guides the viewer further into his or her own body and the ‘voice’ slowly becomes the sculpture’s voice that connects body and object together. An interaction between the body and the ‘talking’ object arise. The work highlights the idea of thinking through the human body, as an affective function, and draws Richard Shusterman’s
term soma-aesthetics, where art is never passive, but based on interaction and exchange.


Written by curator Iben Elmstrøm

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