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Tears of Salt

Installation, Holm Houses courtyards outhouse i Porvoo, Finland 2022

Salt, dripping water, concrete, metal structures, glass bottles and latex.

The installation Tears of Salt is a site-specific sculptural piece that explores how salt as a material moves on surfaces and changes over time. The work takes its starting point in hydrofeminism, a set of ideas in which the body is given prominence as a container for water. Water is the link that binds us to all living things on a global scale, all changes in water are also changes in us. At the same time, the model breaks down the hierarchy dividing humans from animals. The work explores water as a medium that moves in, on and through different materials. Water makes it possible for salts to move and to crystalize in different parts of the work. The outhouse in the Old Town in Porvoo has neither lighting nor electricity. This makes it a challenging site, but at the same time a space with its own voice and history. 


Pro Artibus Foundation is an expert organisation for contemporary art. They have a nordic perspective and chose to invite Olga Benedicte from Denmark, to do a residency program in The Art Factory during April and May 2022 in Porvoo. 

During her stay she made this site-specific installation Tears of Salt specifically for the Holm Houses courtyards outhouse (Chaplains House).


Photo by curator and visual artist Birgitte Munk. The founder of Enter Art Space in Aarhus Denmark


Curator Markus Åström

Olga_tears of salt_porvoo_bedste_sm_fotoBirgitteMunk-6132.jpg
Olga_tears of salt_porvoo_bedste_sm_fotoBirgitteMunk-6148.jpg
Olga_tears of salt_porvoo_bedste_sm_fotoBirgitteMunk-6172.jpg
Olga_tears of salt_porvoo_bedste_sm_fotoBirgitteMunk-6179.jpg
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